Tinian Visit Day 3

When our students split up to go to their separate home stay families yesterday evening, they were all nervous and unsure of their ability to get along, especially in English.

However, they all reported and enjoyable evening and a good night’s sleep when they gathered for this morning’s tour of Tinian Island.

The first place we went to was the American Memorial.  This area was previously as shrine built for the Emperor of Japan during WWII.  The Japanese people living on the  island at that time would gather here and face toward Japan to pray and pledge allegiance to the Emperor and success of Imperial Japan.



We then went to Runway Able.  This is where the Enola Gay took off carrying Little Boy, the first atomic bomb to be used on a human population.


Nearby we stopped at the bomb pit were Little Boy was loaded onto the Enola Gay for that historic flight.



The next major stop of the tour was Suicide Cliff.  This is where many Japanese people jumped to their deaths rather than be captured as prisoners of war.



The tour was not only sites related to war.  We stopped at the famous Tinian blow hole.



And we ended our tour at the historic Taga House.  The remains of what is supposed to be the dwelling Chief Taga, who ruled over the islands in ancient times.



Overall it was a good day, despite the heat, everyone became closer, learning about each other as much as about the island.