Tinian Visit Day 6 (August 6)

Today was a significant day for both Tinian and Hiroshima.   On this day in 1945 the Enola Gay took off from Tinian and dropped the first atomic bomb to be used on a human population on Hiroshima.

All of the students taking part in this exchange have a strong desire to make sure that such a tragedy is never repeated.  Therefore, in the morning we gathered for at moment of silence at the time of the bombing, 9:15 Tinian time.


The rest of day the was spent relaxing, until 6 pm when we gathered at Tinian Junior and Senior High School to discuss peace, and then have our farewell party because the Koryo students would be leaving the next morning for Saipan and then Hiroshima.  During the discussion the students had trouble expressing themselves.

But there was a candle light service after that, when a flame was pass from one student to the other and they made one statement about peace in their own words.  This is a picture of the discussion, the candle light service was too dark.


Then everyone enjoyed a potluck party prepared by the Tinian students and their parents.


The Koryo students did a little dance they practiced for the Tinian students, who then jumped up on stage, and the dance party began.


Several of the teachers and students expressed that peace comes from transcending differences in gender, color or culture through mutual understanding.  This trip proved that pockets of peace can be created between groups from cultures that were once bend on destroying on another.