School Information

 Koryo High School is a private co-educational High School located in the suburbs of Hiroshima City with a vast campus, spanning just over 24 acres.  The school places strong emphasis on both academic and athletic excellence.  The faculty looks not only to develop intellectual ability but also moral, aesthetic, physical, social and emotional responsibility within all of our students as well as foster good relationships with parents.


 Students take up to 32-35 class hours a week, including Japanese History, World History, Japanese, Claassical Japanese, athematics, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Geography and Physical Education.  Students are encouraged to adopt an international, culturally sensitive attitude in all aspects of their daily life.  To further this cause, in 2005, Koryo High School formed sister-school relationships with Tinian Junior & Senior High School with the aim of furthering cultural exchange, internationalization and peace education.

入学式 The school is on a tri-semester systemwhich begins in April with the enrollment ofstudents from all over Hiroshima.  A number of students from other parts of Japan also choose Koryo. We provide them with an on-campus dormitory to use as their base for studying and pursuing excellence in sports.  Some of the highlights of the first semester include an overnight orientation camp for the incoming students at Geihoku Bunka Land and the school Culture Festival, held in June.  At the end of July the five week summer vacation begins but optional summer study courses are very popular.  Included is a trip to Tinian Island where students stay with a local family with a host sibling from our sister school.  During their stay they enjoy water sports and relaxing in the comfortable island atmosphere.  Moreover, they visit various historical sites, such as North Field, where the Enola Gay began its fateful flight to drop the first atomic bomb to be used against humanity on Hiroshima, an ideal setting for the students of both schools to discuss the importance of peace.

メディア The second semester begins in September when we hold the Koryo High School Sports Festival.  The second-year students also have the chance to go on a school trip to one of several locations both domestic and abroad.  In the past, students have chosen to visit Hong Kong, Tinian, Guam, and South Korea.


マラソン大会 During the third semester, we conduct the entrance examinations for prospective students and hold the Koryo High

School Marathon.  The highlight of the semester however, is the Graduation Ceremony held in March.  Approximately 90% of our students go on to higher education at prestigious universities and vocational schools, with the remainder enter employment.