International Programs

 _S9Q7674Koryo High School is committed to cross-cultural understanding, the promotion of peace and internationalization.  The Department of International Understanding & Education has the responsibility to support these commitments.  It does so in a variety of ways, including encouraging our students to participate in study abroad programs, inviting foreign students to study at Koryo, as well as participating in cultural exchanges and creating opportunities for students to discuss ideas of world peace with young people from other countries.

 CIMG1987Among the most notable projects are the funding of the construction of three elementary schools in Nepal, and the formation of sister-school relationships with Tinian Junior & Senior High School, on the island of Tinian in the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands.  Through such projects, and in particular, the sister-school agreements, Koryo aims to promote quality education and training programs for both students and faculty members, assist in strengthening international relationships and cultural understanding through collaborative projects and expand access to higher education opportunities.