Course I

  During the first year, emphasis is placed upon developingstudent’s academic and athletic ability.  It is understood that many students aim to enter famous national universities after graduation, therefore greater emphasis is placed upon academics during their second and third year.  The school provides them with extra lessons three times a week to help them to achieve their goals.


Course II

 During the first year, emphasis is placed upon further developing student’s basic ability in Mathematics and English.  From the second year, students can choose to concentrate on humanities or sciences.  Many of these students choose to enter famous private universities.   Alternatively, a general study courses give students the flexibility to pursue a broad-based education without any particular specialization.  Many students wishing to embark upon athletic careers or enter vocational programs choose this course.

International Students Course

  Students from abroad who wish to attend Koryo have an opportunity to sample the entire curriculum for a period of up to four weeks.  After that they can select classes that suit their interests and concentrate on developing their Japanese ability with the help of language instructors.