rijichou   Chairman of the Board Kiyomi Tanaka

  We all must rely upon one another.  So, it is my hope that we will teach our students to be accepting and kind toward others.  To make this happen, we must instill in our students the fundamentals of life.  A major focus of our instruction is on the following four principles: greetings, punctuality, refinement and appreciation.  If they fail to learn these, they will become a burden on society, not even being able to communicate efficiently.

  A good educational environment is particularly important for students.  So, I feel we are lucky to have such favorable surroundings here at Koryo.  And, I am proud to say that our campus gives each and every student a space to be themselves.  With our sprawling 24 acres, we provide students with buildings, facilities and sports grounds where they can study comfortably as well as progress in their club activities.

  We are continuously striving to improve, constantly keeping an eye on the changes that are affecting society, and our students’ needs.  We moved to this new campus in Numata 41 years ago.  We began accepting girls into our all boys’ school 16 years ago, thus becoming a co-educational institution.  We have just updated our school uniform, which is certain to boost school pride.  Our students must learn and internalize many life lessons.  Therefore, at present we have a sister school relationship with Tinian Junior-Senior High School in the American Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands.  In order to increase our students’ opportunities, we are also currently seeking another sister school from an English-speaking country.  Through our diverse programs, we hope our students will develop various ways to grow their future dreams over their three year here.


DSC_0005Principal  Motoi Nakado

  Koryo High School is famous for our baseball club.  However, various clubs start their practice early in the morning.  So, I strongly encourage prospective students to come to Koryo on any given day of the year at 7 am and watch these clubs practice.  If they see those students caked in sweat, giving it their all, I am sure they will begin to question themselves.  “What am I trying to do?”  “What should I work toward while I still have the chance?”  “Have I set my sights high enough?”

  Koryo High School has also recently been gaining attention in the Chugoku Region of Japan as a leader in ICT education practices.  Last year, we began using an Internet software self-study platform called Surala.  This advanced application is designed to allow students to review Japanese, English and Mathematics materials taught in junior and senior high school.  Students can study these materials at their own level, increasing their ability, while working past the stumbling blocks to their understanding.  Moreover, through this platform, teachers can better comprehend a student’s needs by viewing their data, allowing for pinpoint feedback and guidance.  Realistically, by gaining better understanding of just one subject they find most difficult, a student can dramatically increase the possibility of getting into their university of choice.  Lastly, we have brought in 485 iPads and have begun to use them in some classes for this year’s new students.  Through all of this we are creating an atmosphere where students can engage in self-examination and step up their study goals.

  Another important aim for Koryo High School is to instill in our students a global point of view, which will allow them to become active members in an international society.   Our exchange program with our sister school Tinian Junior and Senior High School and our focus on environmental education are just several ways we endeavor to do so.

  Founded 118 years ago with a spirit of “Education as Love,” Koryo High School continues to foster self-reliance, consideration for others and gratitude in our students.  It is our hope that they will set their sights on high and never stop aspiring towards their goals and dreams.